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TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD recognizes the importance of personal data protection in the following ways

I.Collection of Personal Information

TOKYO ART CENTER CO,LTD is dedicated to the appropriate collection, use, supply and disposal of personal data, and recognizes the invasion of rights and potential loss of trust and confidence in our organization should we collect personal data against the will of the individual, or in an inappropriate manner. TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD adheres to its strict rules for collection, use, supply and disposal of personal data and ensures that it is managed in an appropriate manner. In case TOKYO ART CENTER CO,LTD wishes to collect data from supporters or project participants, TOKYO ART CENTER CO,LTD will ask interviewees to fill out the query window, and collect only the personal data relevant necessary and relevant to the collection aim.
Unless required for legal reasons, TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD will not supply personal data to any third parties. In case personal data is supplied to outsourcers, in keeping with the confidentiality agreement, we are obligated to ensure the outsourcers´ protection and correct use of personal data.

II.Management and Protection of Personal Information

In order to avoid unlawful access of personal data, which could lead to its defacing or leaking, TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD has numerous security measures in place to ensure this.

III. Compliance with Legislation and Standards

TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD abides by all data protection laws and regulations. In addition, education and awareness programs on data protection are provided for all employees.

IV.Continuing improvement of the company´s compliance program for personal information

Through such things as internal audits and re-examination of the business by the company´s chief executive, the compliance program for personal information is being improved continuously and maintained in a constantly ideal state.


TOKYO ART CENTER CO, LTD uses the personal data for its intended purpose at the time of collection. In addition, personal data may be used to notify individuals via email of activity reports, invitations to events etc. Should you not wish to receive such reports and initiations, or have any questions, please contact us at the email address below.

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